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Game activities

Date:2020-04-20 12:17:31

How to play games

The game has two modes, adventure mode and endless mode. Click the corresponding game button from the main interface hall to enter.

 adventure mode

After clicking the adventure mode, enter the level selection interface. The levels should be unlocked in order, and the passed levels can be repeatedly flashed;

After clicking the level, the second confirmation interface can select the UAV to carry and can see the goal and reward of the level;

Hero chariots and enemy vehicles will automatically move forward on the road. Users can control their own chariots to move left and right or accelerate and slow down to avoid the attack of enemy chariots and the impact of obstacles. Meanwhile, they can launch bullets to attack the enemy's chariots;

Both the enemy and our chariots have a certain health value and can withstand the damage of corresponding attack power. If the HP value returns to zero, it will be defeated;

When enemy vehicles are defeated, gold coins will be dropped, and there is a 10% probability of dropping bonus props. Players need to control their vehicles to pick up the dropped props;

Introduction to bonus items:

Attack increased: within 10 seconds, the attack power of hero chariot doubles;

Barrage attack: within 5 seconds, the number of bullets increased to 3 and the firing speed increased by 20%;

Blood volume recovery: recover 20% of maximum HP within 1 second;

Magnet: items dropped by enemy chariots will be picked up automatically in 5 seconds;

Invincible sprint: the chariot enters invincible state for 2 seconds and accelerates forward.

endless mode

The basic operation in the endless mode is the same as the level mode, and it also needs to avoid the attack of enemy vehicles and obstacles;

Players in endless mode can always break through the barrier until the player's blood is deducted;

There is a 20% probability that a random piece of resource fragment will fall from the enemy vehicle. Collecting the fragments can be carried out in the resource system to develop relevant playing methods. See the resource system for details.